With more and more outdoor LCD Display applications were conducted, the readability of the LCD panel becomes an critical issue.

Because the LCD display doesn't emit light, it needs external light source ( backlight ), thus cause the LCD displays were barely to see while in a bright environment especially under the sun light.

The best solution to direct sunlight readability is said to be transflective LCD, which reflect ambient light to increase its light level. Yet the transflective LCD display compromises the transmission rate and the contrast because it needs additional reflective layer, not to mention the high cost problem. Right now the transflective LCD panel is not popular due to its weakness of the above mentioned issues.

For those outdoor LCD display applications, we suggest other solutions which are more cost-efficient, such as :

  1. High Brightness LCD panel
  2. Optical Bonding
  3. Anti-reflection surface
  4. Additional Mask to prevent direct sun light

With the proper combination / selection of the above solutions, we can manage to deliver a cost-efficient solution to meet customer's requirement.