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IoTize | TapNLink Instant Wireless for Microcontrollers

TapNLink NFC, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi products for instant integration in microcontroller based systems.
All TapNLink standard modules support rapid integration with:

  • Qualified, turn-key wireless design
  • Immediate HMI on mobiles with our Ionic app generator
  • Customization by configuration
  • Rapid Cloud integration

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ORing | Introducing IGS/IGPS-9000-PN Series of Industrial Ethernet Switches with PROFINET CC-B Certification

Industrial network solution leader ORing has announced the release of its industrial-grade Ethernet switch series, which has achieved PROFINET certification. This product line is designed to meet the network requirements in industrial automation, ensuring smooth connectivity and stable data transmission between controllers and devices.

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Vecow | ABP-3000 AI Fanless Box PC with AI module

ABP-3000 AI features a fanless and cable-less design making it ideal for space-limited environments. Incorporating with AI accelerator to support up to 26 Tera-Operations Per Second (TOPS), ABP-3000 AI provides high-performance computing capability to fulfil the needs of AI applications.

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Siretta | Snyper 5G & Snyper IoT Network Analyser

Surveying a Cellular network is a powerful way to allow engineers, project managers, developers to analyse, troubleshoot, and optimise IoT applications. By having a comprehensive view of network performance by capturing network traffic, signalling, and radio frequency (RF) data that can determine the correct cellular application that is optimised for you. If you were to develop an application that is part of a Smart City Eco-system, to readily obtain data to which Cellular network that works for your application is paramount.

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