news 1053 2023 07 PROFINET Certified 1

Industrial network solution leader ORing has announced the release of its industrial-grade Ethernet switch series, which has achieved PROFINET certification. This product line is designed to meet the network requirements in industrial automation, ensuring smooth connectivity and stable data transmission between controllers and devices.

PROFINET is an open industrial Ethernet standard that meets a variety of automation technology requirements, including production automation and process automation, ensuring high efficiency and stable data transmission in automation systems. The PROFINET CC-B certified IGS/IGPS-9000-PN series consists of five models, including IGS-9042GP-LA-PN, IGS-9080-LA-PN, IGPS-9084GP-LA-PN, IGS-9122GP-PN and IGS-9168GP-PN. All models feature rugged industrial design, such as wide operating temperature range and MRP (Media Redundancy Protocol) for network redundancy, enabling reliable and continuous data transmission even in harsh environments. This switch series comes with a GSD file provided. Users can install the file into a PROFINET management software, such as SIMATIC STEP 7 (TIA Portal), to monitor and configure the switches and the network.

The IGS/IGPS-9000-PN series is designed for various industrial applications, including manufacturing, process automation, transportation, and energy industries. The PROFINET certification of this product line ensures its compliance with rigorous industry standards and seamless communication compatibility with PROFINET systems.

"We are proud to announce that the IGS/IGPS-9000-PN series has achieved PROFINET certification. By combining our expertise and technology in industrial networking with PROFINET certification, we can provide our customers with reliable and efficient automation network solutions," said Angus Shih, CEO at ORing. "The PROFINET certification, excellent performance, industrial-grade design, and SNMP support of the IGS/IGPS-9000-PN series enable our customers to have stronger and more stable network connections, higher productivity, and easier network management, allowing ORing to fulfill its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions."