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Low Power European LTE Cat 1 ModemZETA-NSP-LTE1 (EU) with RS232 and USB serial

The ZETA-NSP-LTE1 (EU) is a cutting edge, low power industrial modem. It will connect equipment to the European LTE Cat 1 network which is 100% compatible with the existing LTE infrastructure. The modem also provides fallback connectivity to the existing European 3G / UMTS and 2G / GSM cellular networks. The modem operates in a low power state which makes it ideal for use in industrial IoT applications today and for long term future developments.

A key feature of the ZETA-NSP-LTE1 (EU) is that it operates in a low power state due to its intelligent power saving design. Additionally the range offers interface options including legacy RS232 for connection to existing equipment and a high speed USB interface.

The powerful C development environment reduces redundancy and lowers system component costs, allowing developers to maximise the power of their application directly on the device and eliminating the requirement for an external microcontroller. As a result the ZETA-NSP-LTE1 (EU) lends itself to rapid proof-of-concept developments with minimal investment, providing fast time to market and maximum scalability.

  • Digital Signage
  • Car Parking Payment
  • Kiosks
  • Security Systems
  • Gaming Machines
  • Healthcare
  • Elevator Systems
  • ATMs
  • Payment Systems
  • Energy Utilities
  • Water Utilities