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ZETA Modem DIN Rail Adapter

Mount in Industrial Equipment Racks

The ZETA Modem DIN Rail Adapter has been designed to fit perfectly to the ZETA family of industrial IoT modem solutions. The DIN rail adapter for the ZETA family of modems provides a mount to attach the ZETA modem directly to an industrial DIN rail (Top hat rail IEC/EN 60715). The ZETA modems are a family of low power industrial cellular communication devices with general purpose interfaces.

The ZETA family of modems connect equipment to the LTE Cat 4 / LTE Cat 1 / LTE Cat M / LTE Cat NBIoT networks and provide backwards compatibility to the existing 3G / UMTS and 2G / GSM cellular networks. The modems operate in a low power state which makes them ideal for use in industrial IoT applications today and for long term future developments.

The unique features of the ZETA family of modem devices are available across the entire range and allow convenient connection to the modems interfaces. The family of devices share the same set of compatible interface connectors which allows for accessories to be interchanged as required between devices. The addition of the DIN rail attachment allows the modem to be mounted vertically alongside industrial control equipment inside equipment racks.

The common interfaces are designed to be compatible with industry standard interfaces and offers access to the full functionality of the modem including legacy RS232 for connection to existing equipment and a high speed USB interface for higher speed devices.

The ZETA DIN Rail accessory allows access to all of the ZETA’s standard interfaces in addition to the model and serial number label on the back of the modem. In addition to the mounting screws there is also a cable tie cutout to enable cables to be secured to the DIN rail frame to ensure that the DIN rail remains firmly attached to the modem and the cables remain secured to the modem interfaces.

There are a number of different ZETA models available which offer a different set of features. Each model has a common set of interfaces with additional interfaces on the ZETA-NEP and ZETA-GEP models:

  • ZETA-NLP-LTEM (GL) – Ultra Low Power GL LTE Cat M/NBIoT Modem
  • ZETA-NLP-LTE1 (EU) – Ultra Low Power EU LTE Cat 1 Modem
  • ZETA-NSP-LTE1 (EU) – Low Power EU LTE Cat 1 Modem
  • ZETA-NEP-LTEM (GL) – Ultra Low Power GL LTE Cat M/NBIoT Modem with GPIO
  • ZETA-NEP-LTE4 (EU) – Low Power EU LTE Cat 4 Modem with GPIO
  • ZETA-GEP-LTE4 (EU) – Low Power EU LTE Cat 1 Modem with GPIO and GNSS

The ZETA family of modems are available to cover different regions around the world. There are global LTE solutions marked as (GL), European LTE solutions marked as (EU) and American LTE solutions marked as (USA).

DIN Rail Adapter Benefits

  • Install your Siretta modem quickly in to industrial equipment racks
  • Interchange modems quickly using the snap lock DIN rail clip
  • Scan device bar code when installed using the product label window cutout
  • Attach cable ties to the DIN rail mount cable tie cutout to secure interface cables
  • Attach DIN rail securely to modem using hidden screw mounting points
  • Operate device securely and access all peripheral interfaces when installed