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12" Panel Mount TFT Monitor, screen resolution 1024x768

Main features

· 12.1"TFT LCD,max resolution 800×600(1024×768 optional)
· Support VGA/DVI signal input
· Precision resistive touch screen,support COM/USB
· Magnesium alloy front panel IP65 degree of protection,supprt embedded panel and VESA wall mounting
· D12V DC voltage input, optional transfer 12VDC to 220VAC power adapter, optional 24V input


Institutions and power 

Front Panel:Magnesium alloy front panel IP65 degree of protection,steel-type box structure
Mounting:Embedded panel and VESA wall mounting
Buttons:The back of the machine is equipped with switches, lights,and OSD control buttons
Signal Input:DVI and VGA
Power Input:12V DC voltage input, optional transfer 12VDC to 220VAC power adapter, optional 24V input
Front ColorSilver (plus PET film)
Overall size:321×243×48.5 mm(W×H×D)
Case Size:301×227×42.5 mm(W×H×D) 
Hole Size:304×230 mm(W×H) 


Size / Type:12.1"XGA TFT LCD
Resolution:800×600(1024×768 optional)
Display area:246×184.5mm 
BacklitLED with 50,000H
Viewing Angle:(H)130/(V)120   

Touch Screen 

Size / Type:12.1-inch five-wire analog resistive
Click life 250g efforts, 35 million times
Draw life 250g efforts, 5 million times
Transmittance81%+More than 81%  

Environmental parameters 

Working tem.:0~+50℃(Electronic disk)
Storage Temp.:-30~+70℃ 
Relative humidity:10~95%@40℃(No condensation)
Vibration50~500Hz,1.5G,0.15mm Peak to peak
Shock 10G/peak(11ms sec)

Ordering Information

PANEL5000-A121-TS:12.1"TFT LCD/800×600/VGA/DVI/Resistive touch screen/RS232/12V/adapter 
PANEL5000-A121-TU:12.1"TFT LCD/800×600/VGA/DVI/Resistive touch screen/USB/12V/adapter 
PANEL5000-A121-C:12.1"TFT LCD/800×600/VGA/DVI/Glass/12V/adapter
PANEL5000-A121-TSW:12.1"TFT LCD/800×600/VGA/DVI/Resistive touch screen/RS232/24Vinput
PANEL5000-A121-TUW:12.1"TFT LCD/800×600/VGA/DVI/Resistive touch screen/USB/24V input 
PANEL5000-A121-C-W:12.1"TFT LCD/800×600/VGA/DVI/Glass/24V input 
PANEL5000-A121-THS:12.1"TFT LCD/1024×768/VGA/DVI/Resistive touch screen/RS232/12V/adapter 
PANEL5000-A121-THU:12.1"TFT LCD/1024×768/VGA/DVI/Resistive touch screen/USB/12V/adapter 
PANEL5000-A121-CH:12.1"TFT LCD/1024×768/VGA/DVI/Glass/12V/adapter
PANEL5000-A121-THSW:12.1"TFT LCD/1024×768/VGA/DVI/Resistive touch screen/RS232/24Vinput
PANEL5000-A121-THUW:12.1"TFT LCD/1024×768/VGA/DVI/Resistive touch screen/USB/24V input 
PANEL5000-A121-CH-W:12.1"TFT LCD/1024×768/VGA/DVI/Glass/24V input